Tuesday 30th of January 2024, 7.30 PM

10A Sessions with Ari Tsugi + Suzu Toyama

Ari Tsugi’s music is a testament to the boundless possibilities of collaboration in the digital age, where creativity flourishes despite physical separation. The band’s expansive soundscapes blend elements of spiritual jazzpsychedelic rock, and Brazilian Melodies, evoking a sense of interconnectedness and embracing the beauty of musical diversity. Their compositions are a testament to their commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring new sonic frontiers. Through intricate arrangements, captivating improvisations, and evocative melodies, Ari Tsugi paints vivid musical landscapes that invite listeners to embark on a transformative journey of the senses.

Suzu Toyama

She is a singer-songwriter and creator in general, born in 2006 in Japan. She has come to the UK in 2016 on her own for an alternative school and been living here since then.  Her songwriting journey starts in 2020 during quarantine where she self taught guitar and singing. Her inspiration often sparks from a sense of longing, loneliness and hope. Music to her is a joy, beacon, liberation, self expression and a tool to connect with others and herself. She have released four albums in which are all self produced, recorded on her laptop. The latest album “SUN” is her first ever release on well known platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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Tuesday 27th of February 2024, 7.30 PM

Olive Jones

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Thursday 29th of February 2024, 7.30 PM


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Friday 1st of March 2024, 8 PM

Loose Legs

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