Monday 7th of October 2019, 7.30 PM

Aislinn Logan

Melding disparate sounds into a cohesive whole, Aislinn makes unlikely genre bedfellows a natural fit. Raised in Belfast and based in London, don’t expect the beat to say nothing. Her writing often tackles societal issues, balancing candour with shimmering synth pop.

Her upcoming single, ‘Joyride’, offers a pop take on female empowerment with bouncing strat riffs and a decent portion of grit. A love for metronomic patterns wind their way through Aislinn’s often co-produced output, with intricate counter melodies bringing her vocal to the fore. The ‘Look, I’m Flyin’ EP, set for release in November 19′ will further build on this catalogue of atmospheric electro-pop.

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Saturday 3rd of December 2022, 8 PM

Love + Light

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Tuesday 6th of December 2022, 7.30 PM

Queer Jam

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Wednesday 7th of December 2022, 7.30 PM

Kimber + Skymachine + Grand + Folly Group DJ

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