Wednesday 13th of April 2016, 7:30 PM


London based musician LJA Brown, along with his supporting band, will be playing songs from his new album Vivian Comma Close set for release in April.

LJA Brown is a songwriter whose approach assimilates a wide range of musical styles and idioms as a means of giving structure to his own personal narratives of a half-real/half-imagined milieu. Rhythms of Bossa Nova, the social/everyday commentary of Calypso, or the headlong nihilism of 50’s Rockabilly and 70‘s Punk, LJA Brown weaves each of these differing approaches to music making into his own self-taught lexicon. The result is a scrapbooked collection of stories traced through the last century’s musical geography.

Support by artist and musician Jenny Moore and singer-songwriter John Johanna.

To purchase a copy of Vivian Comma Close please visit his bandcamp website:

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