Monday 1st of July 2024, 7.30 PM

Artetetra DJ-set

Artetetra is a label established in 2014 which in almost ten years has grown releasing forty productions mapping the developments of exoticism in late globalization and transglobal digital folklore, dubbed Fifth World. With releases mainly on tape format, they celebrate the joys of bedroom superstars, microsound sampledelia and digital wunderkammerism.

They have been featured in magazines and radios such as The New York Times, Coeval Mag, Resident Advisor, NTS, Kiosk Radio, Ma3azef Radio, Noods radio, NNW Radio, Radio RaheemArtribune, Tinymixtapes. Their work has been celebrated in the 400th issue of The Wire with a page article by Simon Reynolds.

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Wednesday 24th of July 2024, 7.30 PM

Jeremy Dutcher

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Friday 26th of July 2024, 8 PM

Spellbinder Project EP launch

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Saturday 27th of July 2024, 9pm

Four Shades of Soul

Price: Free

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