Thursday 13th of February 2020, 7.30 PM

Atlanta Dream Season + adult

Atlanta Dream Season are an indie rock band from London consisting of David Singleton (vocals & guitar), Donal Sweeney (vocals & guitar), Robin Lindop Fi$her (vocals & bass) and Jim Humphries (drums).

Atlanta Dream Season have yet to disband acrimoniously in 2027 as the members move on to self-indulgent solo projects. In 2036, they will undertake a moderately well-received reunion tour.

In the meantime, ADS will be performing live to celebrate the release of their new album, Red Means Go, on Popside Records.

*All attendees will be provided with a token of the band’s affection.

adults are yr awk pals who’ve listened to too much indie pop and 90s emo. dance along to songs about shit jobs and msn whilst all their gear breaks, it’ll be a blast xoxo

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