Wednesday 11th of May 2016, 7:30 PM

Ben Hobbs

South London singer‐songwriter, multi‐instrumentalist and producer Ben Hobbs releases his debut track, “Sweet Enough”, on 22 October. Influenced by great pop artists through the ages ‐ everyone from David Bowie and The Police to The Weeknd and CHVRCHES ‐ “Sweet Enough” is a concise and dynamic introduction to Hobbs’ talents.

“We all fight for the cause we want the most, and sometimes these don’t align with each other”, says Hobbs of his first ever offering, which is a bright, summery, hook‐driven, indie‐pop song that is sure to lure you in from the outset, and later pin you to the wall with its insistent, hard‐hitting choruses. Don’t be fooled by its glossy exterior though, beneath the surface lies something darker.

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Saturday 2nd of July 2022, 9 PM

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SJQ Bar Open

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