Sunday 15th of October 2017, 7 PM

Bianca Rose

Bianca’s debut album ‘No Fear Here’, part funded by the PRS for Music Foundation and produced by critically acclaimed jazz musician and producer Femi Temowo, [George Benson, Andrea Bocelli, Amy Winehouse] is an uplifting discourse on a very particular snapshot in Bianca’s recent history. Musically, No Fear Here is an expansive interpretation of the singer songwriter genre, fusing Bianca’s folk/gospel sensibilities with Bianca and Femi’s African diasporic perspectives

“…an exceptional songwriter…” – PRS for Music Foundation

“…I very much enjoyed listening to this album. The record was so expertly produced and the music so intricately arranged that it was a learning experience for me, not only as a reviewer but as a musician. I give it 10/10″ – April’s music Reviews

“…It’s like the musical equivalent of a small random act of kindness when the world seems at its worst; like a helping hand to get you through the day. It’s innocence and sincerity is uniquely beautiful, and a sure sign that her debut will be something equally special” –  Belwood Music

“…Bianca’s one of the most authentic artists I’ve ever met. The honesty of her music and vulnerability of her songs is reflected not only in her storytelling but also in the intricacies and control of her voice, which is both disarming and captivating at once. Her music draws in the listener to ‘feel’ her journey and identify it with their own” –  Safe Management

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