Saturday 21st of September 2019, 9 PM

Blowing In The Horn Of Africa with Mitmitta

An evening of deep and intense music for the soul and body from the Horn of Africa with Addis Abeba based DJ and archivist Mitmitta, together with Jazzman Records’ Liam Large.

Mitmitta creates one-of-a-kind sets ranging from sophisticated jazz
to thumping sounds of mystical and up-tempo music from Ethiopia,
Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Tanzania & Somalia. Deeply
hypnotized by East African sounds from vinyl and audiotapes, Vemund Brune Hareide — Mitmitta or ‘Kidus’ in Ethiopia— is originally from Norway but has been based in Ethiopia for the last 11 years. Fluent in the local Amharic language, Mitmitta has run a cassette shop in Addis Abeba, known as Mitmitta Muzika, while also creating hundreds of parties in the capital and around Europe and the USA. Mitmitta is well recognized as a resource and connoisseur of Ethiopian, Eritrean & Sudanese Jazz, Soul, Funk & Traditional music. He has re-issued music from the region under the label Mitmitta Muzika along with archiving his extensive cassette
collection, soon to be launched as an Ethio-Eritrean audiotape discography webpage. He travels with a selection of records and tapes largely unknown to the world to accommodate various listening settings: otherworldly, hot basement, sunny terrace, festival stage or any dance floor.

During the last ten years, this musical addiction and archivist inclinations have led him to become deeply knowledgeable to the sounds of this region. Exploring the frontiers of undiscovered music has been a journey of surprises and discoveries, mostly from the 60s to the 90s from reels, records and cassettes, myriad styles and endless unique sounds. Guided by his passion he has created a way to live from it as a DJ, by producing events, sound engineering, buying and selling music, and by connecting with musicians, bands and DJs to create some of the most popular events in Addis Abeba.

He has gathered about 95% of all the records produced in Eritrea &
Ethiopia between 1969-77, more than 3000 cassettes from the region and a never-ending digital collection. Mitmitta has been an active DJ for the last nine years for all kinds of missions in Ethiopia, Sudan, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, USA, it’s now time to spread more love of this music widely through the ‘Blowing in the Horn of Africa’ September, 2019 tour around Europe. People these days are excited to hear more little-known and farfetched music, and have an open ear and body ready to be moved by the rare, otherworldly sounds he presents. He insists on creating sessions where people can get blown away by this extraordinary music for listening, digging and dancing like it’s nobody’s business.

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