Monday 6th of November 2023, 7.30 PM

Briela Ojeda

Briela Ojeda is a Colombian ‘nariñense’ singer songwriter, born in the UK, but currently residing in Bogota. Since the beginning of 2014, she shares her songs and her creative way of creating a catharsis with her guitar, wording, voice and her energy that confronts mysticism, confrontation and liberty within her music.

Her musical range takes in a mix of colors, rhythms and melodies from andean music; Her electric guitar travels widely from surf riffs, rock, folk Arpeggios, bossanova, ballads to traditional latin american music & her lyrics create a medicinal atmosphere from Icarus.

Her sophomore Album “Templo Komodo” was recorded during the pandemic and exploded onto the Colombian music scene, topping various end-of-the-year charts and taking her from the indie-underground to being a bonafide star.

“Briela’s ability to use simply her voice and guitar in order to guide her musical poetry is another characteristic that makes this album so memorable.”

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