Tuesday 19th of June 2018, 7.30 PM

Champagne Dub + Dry Cleaning + Capitol K

Champagne Dub is a collective group of selected artists who come together to practice psychedelic dub rituals. The project was conceived by drummer and producer Betamax who makes a nod to a range of influences through Free Improv Psychedelic Post Punk, English Folk, Performance Art and 70s Dub.  Ruth Goller (melt yourself down/acoustic ladyland) features on Bass with her legendary distinctive sound. Ed Briggs is a sound artist from brighton who uses a homemade synth incorporating mechanical parts from a Herdie Gurdy. He also Programs using MaxMSP where he can perform mind melting sound granulation in real time. Mexican Hypnotist Nahum’s day job normally sees him working for the European space Agency where he works as an artist/magician/. Champagne Dub sees him feature on his natural instrument the Theremin.  Mr Noodles is a London based performance artist who can be heard on vocals and seen exploring physical interpretive movements.


Dry Cleaning are a new 4-piece from South London channeling post-punk and new wave pop with a side order of low slung americana. Their upcoming 6-track EP ‘Sweet Princess’ is a kaleidoscope of images collaged together, from the everyday to the stars and back.

Capitol K has a new album Goatherder out in July. Tonight opening with a DJ set playing some Capitol K and Loose Meat alongside unreleased tracks.

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