Wednesday 26th of October 2016, 7.30 PM

Cleo T. + Russell Swallow + DJ Ben Osborne

Musician, poet and performer, Cleo T. delivers a cinematic and theatrical electronic sound. Mixing acoustic instruments and powerful beats along with electronic soundscapes, each songs is a poem. The powerful and emotional songstress lights the way to a modern and soulful Pop ritual. The art and music of Cleo T. is an invitation to SHINE our own light, together and beyond any kind of borders. A digital interactive installation turns the live show into a sensorial experience, carried along by soulful vocals, hypnotic cellos and shamanic guitars.   May our feet go deeper in the ground and our eyes look further towards the sky. Time to SHINE our brightest.

Cleo T is a french musician living and performing her art throughout Europe. Her 1st album produced by John Parish ( PJ Harvey) was released in 2013. She’s been playing live in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, USA and Canada since 2012, and performed prestigious festivals such as The Great Escape, SXSW, Solidays, CMJ New York or Canadian Music Week. Her new album will be out early 2017 and gathers musicians from Palestine to India, from electronic to world music background. Produced in Berlin by italian DJ and producer RODION, the record features Adnan Joubran, Prabhu Edouard, Tomàs Gubitsch, Elyas Khan and many other talents. The release will be accompanied by « videopoems » directed by Cleo T. and a multimedia interactive performance, to be presented in contemporary art centers from feb. 2017. Independant artist and woman, Cleo T. will release her work through her own production company « Moonflowers »  and its partners around the world.


Russell Swallow writes brooding, confessional, indie songs. Classic and electronica grooves underpin sensual imagery & playful melodies, powered by rich tenor vocals, driven guitars, and gorgeous ambient synths.


Ben Osborne is a DJ, writer, sound artist and founder of Noise of Art. He’s made numerous international DJ appearances and Time Out says his DJ sets see “anything from classic techno, punk-funk, galactic house, deep down and dirty disco and other dancefloor dynamite do the rounds.” CMU have praised his sound art work, saying they “seriously approve an audio/visual installation… in [which] Noise Of Art’s Ben Osborne presents music made using samples recorded in a Portuguese factory”. Museum of London described him as being amongst “the people at the heart of London’s cultural life” for their Future of Clubbing panel.

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