Wednesday 2nd of March 2022, 7.30 PM

Easymess with guest TBA

French-born multi-instrumentalist Adrien Latgé’s Alt-Folk act Easymess, brings modern city life, French countryside background and vulnerable introspective lyrics into a London-grown blend.

Inspired by Damien Rice in his songwriting, he brings lyrics that ring true to the front of his songs, through a soulful smooth voice, to expose his red wine-infused thoughts to his audience. Expect honest words, subtle production and harmonies, and nocturnal open-hearted tales.

After releasing his first EP “Hermione’s Bag” in 2016, followed by a concept EP “One Night Stand” in 2017 (Written and recorded in 12 hours with the help of guest musicians), he brought a double EP named “Now It’s Yours” that features a full band A-Side and a lockdown grown self-produced B-side.

The live act features a much rockier and explosive band, that bring his newer songs into a new folk/alt-rock dimension. From emotional intense lyrically-driven songs to old-school bluesy sounds, Easymess will take you on a journey you might want to follow for a while.

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Wednesday 22nd of May 2024, 7.30 PM

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