Sunday 26th of February 2023, 7.30 PM

Elephant House + Wobbly & Jem Doulton + Deb Googe

A Sunday night consisting of three acts and cocktails:

London-based Sino-Greek psychedelic drone ensemble ELEPHANT HOUSE showcasing Shenggy Shen’s beguiling percussion and Christos Fanaras’s esoteric synthesiser sounds.

WOBBLY AKA Jon Leidecker (Negativland, Thurston Moore Group) harks from San Fransisco and alien territories, bringing with him electronic devices to mess with the drums and mind of JEM DOULTON (Thurston Moore Group, Too Many Things, Pando Pando).

DEB GOOGE (My Bloody Valentine, Thurston Moore Group, Sleazy Tiger) will grace the cosmic stage armed with bass and effects to dive deep into a sonic world of noise and transcendental wonder. Not to be missed!

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Friday 3rd of February 2023, 8 PM

Music To Ease Your Disease

Price: Free
Saturday 4th of February 2023, 6 PM

SJQ Bar Open

Price: Free

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