Saturday 28th of January 2017, 9 PM

Excursion: Alex Paterson (The Orb)

Excursion: a journey into the musical collections of interesting people rather than a regular DJ set in the intimate surroundings of Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston.

The Orb‘s Alex Paterson will be dipping into his record collection to play a 7″ set!

On The Orb:
The Orb, innovators of ambient house and one of Britain’s all-time most celebrated electronic acts” [FACT]
Top 50 Albums of 2015” [Mixmag]
“‘Pioneer’ is an appellation that’s thrown around in the music industry without the thought it deserves, but underestimate The Orb’s work bringing synthesised music to the mainstream at your peril.” [GQ]

The guys from Eastern Front will be warming things up before Alex takes the decks.

Each Excursion will see a special guest take the decks and dip into their record collection, with the only guideline that death metal and psy-trance should be kept to a minimum. Expect the unexpected.

Running as a bi-monthly night on the last Saturday of every other month.


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