Wednesday 24th of January 2018, 7.30 PM

Faith and Industry Records Present: John Johanna + Capitol K

John Johanna’s eclectic output uses psychedelia and oriental tonalities, primal gospel blues and folk – among other ingredients – to create a body of diverse yet coherent devotional music. A singer and multi-instrumentalist who works on cassette and reel to reel tape at his home in rural Norfolk, and with Kristian Craig Robinson at Total Refreshment Centre in London, his songs are informed by the mystical cosmology of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Characteristically appearing live accompanied with a four track tape deck his incredible voice and simple raw guitar style always recalling the pure mysticism his music wishes to convey the In the last year he’s played sets at End Of The Road Festival a multitude of support slots with label mates Blue House and Super Best Friends Club amongst others.


Capitol K is an ace manipulator of audio and punk warlord of groove that has crossed a tapestry of styles and approaches with his own secret compass. Tonight that compass points at something in the distance, on the other side of where you’ll be sat. A multi-instrumentalist, label founder and producer,  tonight as he brings a representation of his latest work, in development in isolation in Malta.

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