Wednesday 27th of March 2019, 7.30 PM

Flora Hibberd + Emperors Of Rome

Born in East London but currently residing in Paris, Flora Hibberd has
been described as ‘intelligent and measured…there is a profound intuition
in her work’ and her songs as ‘deeply rooted in the timeless lyricism of
Dylan and Cohen.’ With influences as diverse as Nick Cave, Joan Baez and
Jacques Brel, she moves effortlessly between acoustic folk traditions and
the bruised indie of PJ Harvey, Jason Molina and Cat Power.

Her powerfully emotive voice, evocative melodies and poetic lyrics combine beautifully to give her songs a deeply haunting and unforgettable quality. Her debut single ‘The Absentee’, produced by J.C. Wright, will be released by ClearLight Records on March 29th, followed in April with her debut EP release.

‘her voice masters the low, bitter-sweet, heart-wide-open pitch as part of
her own private language…with a constant interplay between powerful
surreal imagery and a non-chronological narrative’
– Isabel Marqués

Male/female duo Emperors of Rome started writing their dark, intimate book of songs one bleak winter in a disused communist-era radio station on Berlin’s snowy outskirts. Their debut album, which will be released this summer, was recorded at Hansa Studios with help from a cast of friends who have collectively worked with Lou Reed, Tom Waits and Rufus Wainwright. ‘Catch the Jay, their second single – is a dark, velvets-influenced hallucination, featuring their signature raw, stripped back drums, guitar and delicate harmonies.

“Emperors of Rome have something of the night about them. Their classic sounding songs summon the sprits of the Velvets Sunday Morning and Pale Blue Eyes and the Mary Chain at their Spectre obsessed peak, while Leonard Cohen and Antonio Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks soundtrack hide in the background.”– The Gladstone –

“Gun Life”… a delicately empowering effort featuring the vocals of both, alongside strings that exude a vibe reminiscent of The Velvet Underground… Alli’s vocal additions add a spacey, Mazzy Star-like quality alongside Dom’s Reed-esque vocal suaveness… a captivating effort from this promising new project.” – Obscure Sound

“Among the clouds, as if to drive their sadness through the tenderness of the harmonies and the stellar flashes of the Emperors of Rome, Dominic Bouffard and Alli MacInnes, sang their stories of candor and depth. A universe in two that gave birth to a whole galaxy!” – Babel Fest, Târgovista Romania

“A duo that exudes a strong and atmospheric music, rose
petals, mercury, waves of blades on the ice, a tropical rain
that evaporates on sand, lunar melodies…”

“I thought of Nico and Lou Reed, but with a heart; I thought of driving through Louisiana, of country ballads from neverwhere, as if England had longer roads, or America soul… songs that have a straightforward beauty and a hidden complexity, deep and uplifting, as if they tell old stories with one voice… somebody mentioned Leonhard Cohen, Twin Peaks, too, but it sounded as if it had no age, but a fine timelessness, as if the songs were out there and just needed to be found by two lovers” – Arezu Weitholtz

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