Tuesday 20th of March 2018, 7.30 PM

Gabriela Eva EP launch

Gabriela Eva is a driven dyslexic dreadlocked Singer-Songwriter, originally from the East of England, who has now nested in Hackney, East London. Her ‘future organic’ aesthetic has spawned a strong and bold statement, both musically and through her collaborations with photographers, which are consistently visually distinctive and intriguing.

Having performed internationally in locations as diverse as Shanghai, Central America, Aisia and Europe, Gabriela is finally set to unveil her Debut E.P ‘Rise Up’, which drops 1st Feb 2018.

Her debut EP “Rise Up” is a fusion of neo-soul, alternative pop, indie and jazz. Although Gabriela began writing before reaching double figures, in the last 2 years she has finally found a producer who would take on her daring songwriting, and his name is Base Mosquito. First and foremost, Gabriela’s phenomenal vocal skills bring the EP to life, while the fusion of live instruments and effect-ridden synths take each track to a new level of sonic interest.

On the night Gabriela will perform with full band at one of her favourite East London venues.

Gabriela says:

“I began my journey from the age of 5, playing on a mini drum kit, singing into carrots, creating shows for family’s who lived on our road to see, and filming shows with my sister on a video camera. As I grew up I experimented with a bunch of instruments, until one day my dad gave me an old acoustic dusty guitar with a chord book from the 60s. That night I wrote my first song.. And now I give you my first single Rise Up.

Rise up was initially inspired by the Egyptian revolution, a documentary I found on Netflix’s called The Square. The reason for the gold and the touch of Egypt reoccurs throughout out my EP’s images; it’s an homage to the heroes of the people or Egypt.

It took me a while to find a producer who was up for doing something daring and diffrent, but after a year or so I found the right guy, one might say a wizard, called Base Mosquito. After working and writing songs for a year ‘Rise Up’ was decided the best for the single.

After a few nights brain storming this was the final image we created. Rise up also drew inspiration from observing society how it effects myself and the people around me. And although we live along side the machine, ‘Rise Up’ is a reminder to have a good time, and if we need help, don’t be afraid to reach out.”



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