Thursday 5th of October 2017, 7.30 PM

Georgie Keller + Lou Matthews

Georgie Keller, the homegrown UK talent behind infectious new track ‘Vibe’, is in Hong Kong. But not for long. In fact, by the time someone’s tried to pin him down, he’s elsewhere. This is how it is with Georgie. He’s constantly on the go: seeking experiences, places to be, people to meet. His kinetic, good time, positivity-laced music bubbles out of him, propelled by a desire to push himself to be the best he can be. “My music is fresh, it’s Pop but very current, influenced by Hip Hop and Rap. ‘Vibe’ is simple but catchy, straight to the point, there’s no waiting around!”

Making music is not really a choice. “I’ve got to be creative, to show myself through my music. There are not many British artists making this kind of music. I love taking risks, that’s when you get the best results – and I’m very optimistic, I see good in everything.” It’s that drive that provides his appeal, but also shows the man, because the ‘Vibe’ wasn’t always so good for Georgie.

Confident, tanned, handsome, the twenty year old is every inch the modern Pop star, but Georgie had to overcome hurdles along the way. Blessed by a tight knit group of close friends he may have been, but the young Georgie struggled as his weight climbed and his self-esteem dropped. What never fell away though was his love of music and belief in hard work and talent. “Growing up I’d look at artists and think, maybe I won’t ever look like them, but I can write like them. Maybe even better. You don’t have to be perfect, you can be who you want to be.”

Georgie’s musical life started when he was 10. Receiving a guitar for his birthday, he spent hours on YouTube watching tutorials and slowly mastering it. By the age of 13 he was confident enough to start a band with his friends. One of them had a drum kit and Georgie found, to his surprise, that he could play that too. As it became obvious that nobody else wanted to be the singer, naturally Georgie felt he could handle that too. He could. And he loved it. He started to write songs that poured out his feelings about being overweight and unhappy, songs that nobody except his mother would ever hear. They broke her heart, but they kept him moving forward.

As the years went by, hard work and discipline meant that Georgie felt happier in his own skin; but he was the same inside. And that confidence had never gone anywhere. His band drifted apart as the friends moved on after school, but Georgie kept working. His music became everything to him, and now he started writing songs he wanted everyone to hear. Before too long he found a manager and had hooked up with Josh, a writer based in Germany who loved his sound and look.

“‘Vibe’ was the second track that we wrote together, but it was the first that felt like me. This was the exact sound that I wanted to be making. I don’t ever want to limit myself or only work within my comfort zone. I love working in the studio, in that controlled environment, but when you take the music to the people and see their reaction when they hear something for the first time… that’s what I love”. More live performances are very much on the cards, that energy and enthusiasm blows people away. With Georgie normally taking to the stage with a DJ and a couple of backing vocalists, he makes a big impact.

‘Vibe’ is the world’s first taste of what Georgie Keller is capable of, but it won’t be the last. “In terms of numbers, yes, I’ve got enough for an album, but I’m a perfectionist and I plan to be choosing from at least forty of fifty tracks when I pull the album together! As you grow as a person and as an artist and performer, you find out what’s right for you. That’s what I’m all about”. And what’s next for Georgie? The album, sure. More performances, yes indeed. More work. More writing. More traveling. “More! That’s what I want. Working and working: I never want to stop working! To be on the world stage, I’m ready to be seen. I want to be everywhere, be in everyone’s life”. He’s got enough energy to power a small town, self-belief that never strays too far and, yes, that ‘Vibe’.

So don’t bet against Georgie Keller bringing his ‘Vibe’ to the whole world – if you do it’ll only make him work even harder.

With support from Lou Matthews.

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