Tuesday 7th of December 2021, 7.30 PM

Good Dog

Good Dog is the moniker for London based songwriter Jack Hardman. Beginning in a makeshift studio on a rainy night, the Good Dog sound blends warm tape tones and introspective lyrics. Rich melodic landscapes and haunted trains of thought. Hardman takes his listeners on a late night drive with him. Featuring contributions from Midlake’s Tim Smith and Creative Directions from Belfast visual artist Orla Toner, the Good Dog house style belongs alongside artists like Whitney, Father John Misty and Real Estate. Good Dog is your forgotten memories on a lonely sea under a warm sun. It’s your grandparents 8mm camera. Your past and future simultaneously.

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Monday 25th of September 2023, 7.30 PM


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Wednesday 27th of September 2023, 7.30 PM

Charity Music Show with Steve Davis & Gaz Williams + John Biddulph

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Thursday 28th of September 2023, 7.30 PM


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