Thursday 2nd of March 2023, 7.30 PM

Green Rays

Green Rays perform live at Servant Jazz Quarters to celebrate the release of their highly-anticipated debut album.

Imagine if Eno, after collaborating with Harmonia and Cluster in the forest of Forst, had stopped over in Dunedin to jam with the Clean, or hung out in Hoboken with the Feelies. Drifting ambience, gentle jangle, motorik pulses and glimmering tones: all combine to create Green Rays’ striking mood of stretched out calm.

Rooted in the strong sense of melodic melancholy that shaped singer-songwriter Ed Wallis’ previous band My Sad Captains, the 8 songs which comprise Green Rays’ self-titled debut mark a new beginning. For Wallis this has been a time of seismic life events – the birth of his first son, the loss of his second, and a move from his long-term London base to find space and time in the country. The songs take in the slow skies of Lincolnshire where he grew up, the parakeets of south-east London where he made his life, and the chalk hills where he now resides. 

Green Rays’ debut album is released on 17 February and follows the “Run” EP , which was described by Clash as “a heavenly aural experience”. 

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