Wednesday 22nd of May 2024, 7.30 PM

Hattie Whitehead

Performing as a duo with bassist Loz Garratt, this is a rare opportunity to see Hattie perform songs from her most recent EP and upcoming album in their most stripped back iteration in a small and intimate venue, and will be her only London headline show on this side of 2024. Hattie Whitehead does not pull her punches. Raised on folk and jazz greats of the sixties and seventies, her smart lyrics and powerful, outspoken female voice blend folk sensibilities with an undeniably modern sound.

Performing and writing since a young age and born into an artistic family Hattie has won third prize in Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition in 2016 and her self released EPs have over 200k streams. On upcoming EP Mechanism, she dives into the experience of loss that permeates much of her material to date. Written in direct response to the loss of her mother, the songs explore her experience of grief and loss that is all the more relevant in the post-pandemic world we live in today.

The outcome is a body of work that takes Hattie’s unflinching honesty when discussing the industry and it’s troubled relationship to women or un-earthing with eye-widening vulnerability her own personal experiences and places the sound squarely in 2024.

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