Sunday 10th of April 2016, 7:00 PM

He Was Eaten By Owls

He Was Eaten By Owls (almost) bring their album tour to a close with their official London launch of Chorus 30 From Blues For The Hitchiking Dead, a 9-part post-punk/chamber suite about intersectional feminist theory, queer politics and class issues.

With support from the glorious soundscape/chamber ensemble Lucy Claire, the twisted and mesmerising folkesque trio Goodbye Leopold and the enveloping world of Echoes Throughout The Caverns Of Leytonstone aka James Shearman.

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Saturday 26th of November 2022, 7 PM

Beirut Groove Collective

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Monday 28th of November 2022, 7.30 PM

Clémentine March + MOMO. + Robyn’s Rocket + Caetano Malta

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Tuesday 29th of November 2022, 7.30 PM

Joe Webb

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