Tuesday 3rd of October 2017, 7.30 PM

Itchy Teeth present, ‘Brian Wilson is Still Alive’ – Video Release Party

Itchy Teeth return to Sevant Jazz Quarters to release the bizzare video to their psychedelic opus and lead single from their forthcoming album, ‘Brian Wilson is Still Alive’
The band have released a statement:

‘Everybody knows the predictable story of the beautiful and dead 27 year old, upon whom pop music’s mythology is built, however, as much as
Brian Wilson should have died from the volume of drugs he consumed, he escaped this fate- meaning either….

A. He’s not human.
B. Some otherworldly aura protects him.
C. The drugs actually helped him survive.

Speculate as we could, none of these options satisfy, leading us to the simple statement that we are sure of:

‘Brian Wilson is Still Alive’

In this sentence we stick to the facts. With the facts we can celebrate: it is a beautiful thing that Brian is still alive, he is a wonderful man. We get sad when our heroes die, so instead let’s celebrate them now, and maybe he will hear our cry, Brian Wilson is still alive.

When we think of Brian, we think of childlike spontaneity, experimentation, and deep tenderness. Have we put all this into our psychedelic opus?
Perhaps only Brian could judge, however in his stead, we leave it to you dear listeners and friends < 3′

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