Sunday 13th of May 2018, 7 PM

Jack Goldstein + Chiba + Tuffragettes

Jack Goldstein makes Experimental Lo-fi Power Pop/Emo. He has released two records in the last six months. The first, titled ‘Sandwiches’, is a Brian Wilson-esque song-cycle thats hung up on a love between a Google image search of Honolulu and the IRL Oxfordshire village that Goldstein grew up in.

His latest record, ‘A Tiger Shark Might Eat A Bull Shark, A Bull Shark Might Eat A Blacktip Shark And A Blacktip Shark Might Eat A Dogfish Shark’, is an outlaw country break-up record that deals with the tension of aloneness and systems of power.


Chiba invite you into ‘The Reptile Room’, a wasteland of impaired perceptions on the outskirts of a shit-town. Sounding like a cross between Angelo Badalamenti and Guantanamo Baywatch, Chiba make surfmusic for the landlocked sad soul. Like Joe Meek if had hadn’t been so normal.


Tuffragettes make riot girl music with synthesisers and guitars, and three EPs into their career, the use of synthesisers gives the band a bubblegum sweet sound to their music, making everything sound a little tongue-in-cheek in a good way. Describing themselves as a collective, the band play “as and when time/energy/health allows”. It’s an interesting concept, and one that lends itself to each track released sounding passionate and full of life. Highlights include ‘(I Am) My Own GF’ from their ‘sugary sweet’ EP and ‘Gone’ from their ‘sways’ EP which sounds very 80s synth pop.

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Thursday 25th of April 2024, 7.30 PM

Tom Moore & Archie Moss + Dave Malkin & Louis Campbell

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Friday 26th of April 2024, 9pm

Ram Jam

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