Wednesday 17th of July 2019, 7.30 PM

James Crowley

James Crowley is a Hackney-based artist with his roots sunk deep into the loamy ground of folk music, but who branches out to draw from influences as varied as Solange, Beach House, Noname and Phoebe Bridgers as well as genre-defining troubadours like Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling and Nick Drake. Taking inspiration from soaring melodies and ethereal vocalists, James hopes that his music will make you feel and transport you somewhere else, perhaps faraway, and that it will make you think.

While his songs may be otherworldly, James is firmly grounded in the real world of East London and the life around him trickles into his work giving it vibrancy and relevance. Before settling in London, James spent a year in Montpellier in the south of France, where, with an eye to the sea and another eye to the wine bars, he taught himself to play the guitar and write music. James’ Debut EP ‘What I Thought I Felt’ is the culmination of years of working, learning, thinking and overthinking, and eventually learning to live life on its own terms, with authenticity and always with art and heart.

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Thursday 7th of July 2022, 7.30 PM

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SJQ Bar Open

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