Wednesday 11th of October 2023, 7.30 PM


Just born in 2022 the Jean Paul Agambi Quartet signs with False Idols, Tricky’s record label, for their debut expected in early autumn 2023.

The spirit of Jean Paul Agambi arises in the process of making Atomic Urban Extravaganza, a multi-ethnic project whose main characteristic is contrast between urban music, brass, with a predominantly white voice. The music is produced by Ferri and Elle, who have been working together for many years pooling their background: Elle, more on the urban side, Ferri on the punk line.

Elle is a producer and composer based out of Glasgow. After making his debut as a rapper and songwriter for BMG Records and EMI (Traccia Mista) he moves forward producing independent artists and studying Oud and Middle Eastern music at the Arrigo Pedrollo conservatory in Vicenza, Italy. A humanitarian music project in support of Syrian refugee children, Farida and Bashir, has also been founded and led in Lebanon by Elle since 2016.

Ferri is a producer and composer based in Barcelona. Founder of Delta V (BMG Ricordi, Virgin Record) today he produces many independent Italian songwriters.

Jean Paul Agambi Quartet is influenced by urban music, punk and jazz. The lyrics reflect on human relationships and the profound value they have on the development of human potential. The social environment is the background to the stories and often acts as the fertile ground where the protagonist and the antagonist grow up, different. The music expands its boundaries by fully capturing the urban atmospheres of the 90s, with the addition of modern electronics, rock and brass.

Atomic Urban Extravaganza was born between Glasgow, home of Elle, and Barcelona, where Flavio lives. It arises from the collaboration with young talented musicians, such as Scottish songwriter Elissa Poli, trumpet player Simone Trovato, Gabriele Di Tanna on some of the guitars.

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