Tuesday 6th of September 2016, 7.30 PM


JYLDA is the project of singer, songwriter and producer Gianna Gehlhar. The name derives from Gilda, the main character of the opera “Rigoletto” by Giuseppe Verdi. While combining playful, experimental and minimalistic elements in her productions, JYLDA puts an emphasis on strong songwriting without shunning big pop gestures. Her vocals meander between sounding high and soft, sometimes operatic and siren-like – evocative of Kate Bush – on the one hand and strong and metallic like Lykke Li, Fever Ray’s Karin Dreijer Andersson or Zola Jesus on the other, with a coolness that is reminiscent of Sia or Robyn. JYLDA is always drifting between extremes: Her sound is strong and sensitive, powerful and sensual, mature and naïve, cold and warm, dreamy and brisk, retrospective and futuristic at the same time.

On January 15th 2016 JYLDA released her single “Cruel Machine” on her own label Æolis Records. On April 2016 she published the track “Superficial“. On May 27th 2016 the single “Unchange Your Mind“ will follow.

For reasons beyond my understanding, straightforward and unashamedly grand pop music from Germany still is the needle in the haystack – which is just one reason to warmly recommend the rare exception that is JYLDA, whose approach to the noblest of pastimes is at once audacious and profound” No Fear Of Pop.

A beautiful mix of sort of 80s electro and modern dream pop topped with strong vocals” – Poule d’Or

Reminiscent of the elegance of the greatest as well as fresh, original and modern” – Poule d’Or

It’s all smoke and silhouettes, the faint undulation of body shapes with the chorus and a slight sense of danger and drama within the seduction; calming and exciting at the same time” Alphabet Bands

With her new single „Cruel Machine“, JYLDA from Berlin proves that there’s no need to be afraid to make solid pop music” – The Postie

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