Sunday 3rd of September 2017, 7.30 PM

Le Ton Mité + Not Sorry + Caramel

The second ever London show of Le Ton Mité, a Belgian musical cooperative that revolves around the compositions of Deerhoof affiliated itinerant musician, instrument maker and artist McCloud Zicmuse, an idiosyncratic blend of pop, childrens music and jazz performed by a baroque style quartet.

The band will perform selections from their cornucopic new album “Passé Composé Futur Conditionnel” about which Mojo’s Ben Thompson made the following very accurate assessment:

“While the prospect of 50 different tracks might seem daunting, canny sequencing elides potentially disruptive transitions so that spaced out southern soul james, euphoric indie-pop (the Seattle celebrating Space Needle is the cannily irresistible lead track), Moondog-influenced stompers and implicit Pavement tributes do not just coexist but interact fruitfully.”
In other words, THEY ARE REALLY GOOD.


NOT SORRY are four slinky-synth, disco-punx from London, featuring members of Joey Fourr and Ravioli Me Away. Check out their recent split tape with Holysix on Good Job/SixSixSixties for plenty of woozy, sometimes disquieting, always irrefutable pop bangers.


Once lorded as the ‘most slam-dunkable band of 2017’ Caramel play a delightful blend of scrunchy psyche synth pop. THEY ARE REALLY GOOD TOO.


Poster art by Sasha Moxon:

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