Sunday 24th of September 2023, 7.30 PM

Le Volume Courbe vs Grimm Grimm + Mary Sea

French-born Charlotte Marionneau moved to London in 1995 after growing up in a small town in Pays de la Loire. Le Volume Courbe – it means “the volume curve” – is the name of a sculpture by an old friend in France. Le Volume Courbe – hard to describe indeed – don’t play rock’n’roll, and don’t play world music. It’s out-of-this-world music. It’s in-your-own-world music, what-in-the-world music. It’s a diary of dreams.

London-based singer-songwriter experimentalist Koichi Yamanoha has been operating under the alias of Grimm Grimm since 2013. The project is an outlet for his fragile, haunted, otherworldly forays into baroque folk, uneasy easy listening, futurist lyricism, and electroacoustic oddities with foggy melancholia.. Yamanoha has released 3 albums on independent labels and collaborated with other artists and producers, including Bo Ningen, Lætitia Sadier, Josephine Foster, Eiko Ishibashi, and Klein.

Mary Sea: Subterranean Offbeat. Ambient Folk Dream Pop by Charley

ASTRO… (Charley w Laetitia SAdier of Stereolab). Mix: Marta Salogni

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Monday 25th of September 2023, 7.30 PM


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Wednesday 27th of September 2023, 7.30 PM

Charity Music Show with Steve Davis & Gaz Williams + John Biddulph

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Thursday 28th of September 2023, 7.30 PM


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