Thursday 13th of July 2017, 7.30 PM

Leyendekker + Yann Seznec

Lima Limo Records return to SJQ for the final event in our second series.

Headlining in July we have some fresh blood. Leyendekker is the coming together of four artists from South East London, united by their love of both the underground club scene and visceral, guitar-based music. Together, they embrace a D.I.Y mentality to their craft, combining emotive harmony with analogue effects and synthesizers to carve out a hybrid sound of raw live energy with a more sequential, dance-orientated approach to composition. In May of this year, the band released their debut single, ‘Thankless’, “a song filled with hunger and relentless ambition.” (Wonderland Magazine).

Kickstarting the evening with a solo electronics set will be the incredible musician and sound designer Yann Seznec. Founder of Edinburgh creative studio Lucky Frame, Yann is notorious for his outlandish inventions of instruments. He exhibits and performs worldwide with his own work and in collaboration with artists such as Matthew Herbert and Martin Green (Lau). Much of this work involves building custom instruments such as musical pigsties, touch sensitive harps, electromechanical mushroom spore instruments, and more. Recent projects include residencies at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Floating Cinema in London and most recently his “Kronoscillator” instrument was used extensively by the Kronos Quartet. He also completed a Playable City residency in Lagos, Nigeria, with Watershed and the British Council.

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