Thursday 7th of April 2022, 7.30 PM

Lina Makoul

Lina Makoul is an independent Palestinian singer, songwriter, actress , and self producer from Akka, occupied Palestine.

She’s most renowned for winning The Voice and being Little Mix’s Glory Days Tour opening act across the UK. Amongst other achievements, she opened for Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff in Blackpool and Queen+Adam Lambert and got a singing video of hers shared by Alicia Keys all over her social profiles.

During the pandemic, Lina came up with an extraordinary challenge on her social media profiles- encouraging songwriting.

Asking her followers and fans to write and express themselves and stories, through original texts.

For 10 straight days she’d daily pick one text at a time, edit, compose, play it on the piano, sing and shoot it, and turn it into a real song- all in one day. This project was released by the end of 2020 under the title “#YOM” (“Day” in Arabic).

Since 2020, her audience is getting to see, experience, and hear a different Lina. She’s left her label, managers, and team and chose the independent way. Managing, producing, styling, branding, and promoting herself and Palestinian independent music.

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