Thursday 12th of October 2017, 7.30 PM

Madam + The Wolfe Sisters + Psycho Delia

Madam is a five-piece London based band, fronted by singer-songwriter and composer Sukie Smith. They create nocturnal, intricate, cinematic soundscapes; songs that are at once confessional and a call to arms. Epic and fragile, melancholic and joyous, Madam play songs of love and death and the human condition. The band has amassed a loyal legion of fans at home and abroad, showcasing their smoky sound at intimate gigs and packed venues across the UK and Europe.

“Contender for the noir niche occupied by Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star)…Madam is a real find!” THE GUARDIAN

‘compellingly gritty and haunting’ Q MAGAZINE

“Sukie Smith, better known as Madam, has a rare ability to combine the smoky, nocturnal atmospherics conjured by PJ Harvey or Portishead or the Velvet Underground with a pop sensibility…sets her head and shoulder above the singer-songwriter masses, as individual a voice as Cat Power or label mate Joan As Policewoman”‘ THE INDEPENDENT. ONE TO WATCH



The idea of these songs is a rag-tag bunch of pioneers in 1820 or thereabouts, corralling their carts for the night and singing songs. A few have guitars, a consumptive child plays violin, and someone else has an early version of garageband. They are sitting around the fire, ever more drunk and maudlin. The next day they’re butchered to a man, by Apaches or some stray pack of soldiers on the escape from a Cormac McCarthy book.

The grand plan is for other people to sing and play on these songs, to stealthily build some of them up to full orchestra and choir. Some songs seem to work recorded drunkenly with one guitar, whereas others seem to ache for sweeping strings and four part harmonies, like Gustav Mahler with a cowboy hat on.

Louise Riley, Veronica Thompson, Rasp Thorne and Shimrit Elisar have been the first to come wandering in barefoot and wild-eyed out of the vast imaginary emptiness and stand close to the fire for a couple of songs apiece. There is also some beautiful fiddle on a few tracks, played by Sophie Loyer. Nicola Cunningham sang and played glockenspiel at a recent live show. Sarah Gill has played tremendous cello on some tracks.


Psycho Delia is Dee Plume’s latest incarnation. One half of electro-rock band Robots In Disguise, Dee now a lone monstrel, roams the musical landscape, armed with an electric guitar and a headful of abstract tales. On her latest ep \”2 Degrees Of Separation\”, \”Short Arms, Short Legs\” and \”The Ooo & The Eee\” Dee is joined by Savages Fay Milton (formerly Psycho Delia V The Ward).

Please note Thayer Sarrano is no longer able to play this date and the show will be rescheduled..

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