Thursday 13th of July 2023, 7.30 PM

Memory Of Jane

Maïlé Doremus-Cook, aka Memory Of Jane, today announces the release of his debut EP ‘In The Double’, due for release on 15th June via Blue Flowers (Nilufer Yanya, Puma Blue, Westerman). Accompanying the news is the release of his second single ‘So Pacific’; a lean, pop-tinged track that draws from electronic influences with its hushed percussion and warped soundscapes. It follows Memory of Jane’s debut single ‘How You Make Me Feel’, which received support from The Line of Best Fit, Clash, Wonderland and DMY, amongst others.

The 21-year-old British/French producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from South-East London says about his new song, “This track is meant to portray a feeling of inner peace. It’s about finding solace in a world full of noise. That’s mainly what it means to me but it could also hold a less abstract meaning, like just enjoying the calm.”

Listen to ‘So Pacific’, and watch the incredible official video directed by Alexander Brown (James Blake, Amon Tobin, Orlando Weeks), which sees the artist adorned with beautiful butterflies, via the links below:

Having been an admirer of Brown’s work from afar before joining forces creatively for his Memory Of Jane project, the pair have collaborated for all music videos across the EP campaign. It was particularly inspiring for the musician, who was able to see his vision come to life – the two wings of the butterflies are intended to represent feelings of separation and duality.

Growing up in rural France, as a child Maïlé took piano lessons, before honing his craft in jazz bands as a teen. At the same time he immersed himself in the world of filmmaking, particularly animation, ascribing visceral nostalgic moments to the visual medium before he even realised his abilities as a musician. His fascination with electronic music was a more recent phenomenon, congruous to his growing confidence as a self-made artist.

Influenced by the austere sound designs of Aphex Twin, the electroacoustic dexterity of Squarepusher and the art rock flourishes of Radiohead, there’s a wraithlike quality to Memory Of Jane’s songs that also evoke early The xx and Mount Kimbie in its haunting, understated charm.

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