Thursday 3rd of October 2019, 7.30 PM

Mike Nisbet

Like many of Nisbet’s peers, Mike has spent most of his 20’s travelling, performing, getting by with stints in Berlin, Bristol, Glasgow & London, working in kitchens, cafes, periodically on the dole, while mining music and using creativity as a means of connection and escape. A means to tell stories, of the struggles and strife.

Sonically conjuring ghosts of those gone before, Dylan, Cave, Guthrie, Mitchell, Mike Nisbet stands securely as a songwriter who has studied and learned from the masters. Now telling his own story, in his own voice, his own language, is creating a unique space and story. ??Like many Scotsmen before him, Mike has spent time in bars across Europe, talking till the small hours, listen to tall tales in the Nuremberg, joining the chorus in The Scottish Highland folk clubs, and drinking the bars dry in The Netherlands.

In these darkened rooms is where the characters, the tales, the victories and failures of mike Nisbet’s songs live. You stay till closing time, spend your last fist full of change on a drink for you and love, then walk the long road home alone. 

‘One of the most exciting musicians to come out of Scotland in recent years’ – Scotland On Sunday

‘Unwittingly possesses a hypnotising aura that is impossible not to become entirely captivated by’ – Gigslutz

‘Passionate, poetic and compelling’ – The Cultural Pick

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Thursday 23rd of May 2024, 7.30 PM

Sletta EP Launch

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Friday 24th of May 2024, 9pm


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Kingsland records

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