Friday 13th of March 2020, 7.30 PM

Mouth of Gold Records presents: LJA Brown + Incredible Self Confidence + Tom Loffill

To celebrate a busy year of releases MOG Records is putting on a night of live music from some of its most choice artists. LJA Brown released his second album King of Corsica late last year, a divergent move away from his first sonic outing King of Corsica is a much more lively, upbeat affair that moves effortlessly from sultry, lounge jazz, west African hi-life, 70’s AOR and the occasional stab of Beatles-style harmonies. Sequestered, as he is, in the furthest reaches of East London, this is a rare chance to see him live with a full band at the helm.

Similarly, the always brilliant Incredible Self-Confidence will be airing his new release Discontent is for the Well-to-do. A paranoid and gleefully dystopian swap shop of the modern condition set to an insistent and brittle disco beat, Discontent is an anthem for tired eyes not yet given up on dancing. Or, as the Quietus recently put it:

‘Listening to the album is to enter another world-view, where all the familiar elements have been reordered, and to see that it makes unexpected sense. Incredible Self Confidence write songs with character and finesse that are undeniable signs of distinctive and original talents’.

And finally, not to be outdone by his label mates, Tom Loffill recently released a collection of out-takes and B-sides, aptly titled Old Signals. A DIY, post punk troubadour with songs crafted to a diamond tip, raw and passionately delivered his live shows rarely disappoint.

Tickets: £5 at the door.

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