Friday 5th of January 2024, 7.30 PM

Nikita Halley album launch supported by Dunewind & Hootenannies on decks

Fresh into the new year, join us on the 5th of January for the debut show of Nikita Halley’s highly anticipated new EP “Rise”. 

Only 2 years since her first appearance in London’s music scene, Nikita has reached the heart of many with her distinct ethereal style, delivering raw and honest substance through a philosophical and transcendent nature. Within dreamy synthesisers, soulful riffs and characteristic rhythms, we find her mesmerising voice—telling stories of personal and simultaneously collective tales about journeying through life. 

There’s no denying that her style & musical presence is as touching and appealing as it is deeply relevant. Halley’s music invites the crowd to open up and melt into the present moment, reflecting on our so very human emotions and experiences that arise within our modern day and age.

The organic and deeply devoted nature of her work has enabled Nikita Halley to show unprecedented growth in the last few months; reaching its first summit with the release of “Rise” and its live premiere in the heart of London. Prepare for a dreamy experience, an evening of giving in to the moment and a chance to unwind from the daily pressure of modern life.  

The night will be supported by Dunewind. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences including Pink Floyd, Steve Reich, Muse and Radiohead, the London based progressive pop band gathered significant enthusiasm from audiences both live and online after releasing two self-produced solo albums in 2020 and 2021. Dunewind’s distinct sound arises from their fusion of cultural backgrounds, blending robust melodies, infectious lines, heavy guitar solos and groovy keyboard chords into harmonious arrangements that continue to captivate audiences with their unique style

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