Monday 18th of December 2017, 7.30 PM

O Genesis & Friends with Daniel O’Sullivan & Dream Lion Ensemble + Richard Youngs + Alexander Tucker + Tim Burgess & Nik Colk Void (DJ set)

O Genesis Recordings warmly invites you to a Yuletide residency at Servant Jazz Quarters. Featuring performances by Daniel O’Sullivan and his Dream Lion sextet, Richard Youngs, Alexander Tucker, Grumbling Fur, Elephant House and DJ sets from Tim Burgess, Nik Colk Void and The Quietus’ Luke Turner.


Daniel O’Sullivan (of Grumbling Fur, This Is Not This Heat, Ulver, Æthenor, Laniakea, Mothlite and others) performs music from his new solo album VELD on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis label with a live ensemble.

DOS collages a wide range of musical disciplines from avant-pop to free-form improvisation to extended drone and electric chamber music. He has collaborated with a number of artists including several live performances and recordings with ‘continuous music’ pioneer Charlemagne Palestine and large scale surround sound/AV installations with Turner prize-nominee Mark Titchner. As well as playing with Norwegian experimental group Ulver and occasionally donning the robe with Sunn O))), O’Sullivan has been at the core of the wildly successful This Heat reconstitution as a live entity, who first set sail with two spellbinding nights at Cafe Oto last year.

Whether solo or in his varied collaborative projects, O’Sullivan’s work is remarkable in the way it infuses familiar everyday experience with traces of the uncanny, the secret and the magickal. VELD distils these tangled realities into a wonderfully rich and complex record — one of O’Sullivan’s most immediate and moving pop albums to date, yet one that’s strikingly dense and allusive, alive with enticing sonic diversions, hypnotic mantras and eerie biomechanical rhythms.


Richard Youngs is a British musician with a prolific and diverse output, including many collaborations. Based in Glasgow since the early 1990s, his extensive back catalogue of solo and collaborative work formally begins with Advent, first issued in 1990. He plays many instruments, most commonly choosing the guitar, but he has been known to use a wide variety of other instruments including the shakuhachi, accordion, theremin, dulcimer, a home-made synthesizer (common on early recordings) and even a motorway bridge. He also released an album which was entirely acappella. His new LP will be released on O Genesis early next year.


Alexander Tucker is a creator of experimental pop music, mind warping drones and comics from a carefully nurtured parallel dimension. With his solo career and his work with Daniel O’Sullivan as Grumbling Fur, Tucker is gently carving a unique vernacular which is both quintessentially English and entirely other. Tucker’s sound has developed over the years since his first self-titled solo album, which featured acoustic finger-picking, experimental electronics and was released on Jackie O Motherfucker’s U-Sound Archives label. He went on to combine compositional song structures, drones, layered vocals and improvisations on his 2005 album Old Fog released on ATP Recordings. This collection of spectral moods, eerie landscapes and fragile emotions was followed by Furrowed Brow (2006) and Portal (2008), where the songs and melodies became more pronounced, whilst infecting the tracks with underlying drone currents, traditional finger-picking, doom riffs and David Crosby inspired harmonies. There was a shift in direction away from improvisation and toward scored pop music for Dorwytch (2011) and Third Mouth (2013) with its nods to Eno, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Skip Spence while still retaining the organic drones of Cluster and Spacemen 3. His new album Azimuth is scheduled to be released on Thrill Jockey next year.

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