Friday 23rd of July 2021, 6 PM

Radio alHara Party

As the first lockdown began in March 2020, so did a remarkable radio experiment called Radio Alhara. Broadcast out of Palestine and Amman, the ‘neighbourhood radio’ station quickly became an online cultural space and communication tool for the young (and not so young) creatives of the Middle East and North African region. From the very beginning, however, Alhara always had DJs, artists, writers and thinkers contributing from everywhere and they now have residents from every continent on the planet!

SJQ is mightily pleased to host the first gathering of some of the UK based resident DJs for a long-awaited breaking of bread and sharing of wine and of course, a sharing of music. Just like the station’s ethos of defying borders, Sarah Evans, Ex-Friendly (Truth & Lies, Houghton Festival) and King Knut (Soho Radio, SJQ) share a similar attitude to music. Expect funk, soul, samba, afrobeat, reggae, calypso, electronic pingers and wild live recordings. Jazz will sit with hip hop, bruk alongside arabic disco and we’ve only just begun.

Join us, it’s free and we’d LOVE to see YOU!

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