Thursday 12th of May 2016, 7:30 PM

Saint Leonard’s Horses

Xtra Mile Recordings are thrilled to announce the signing of the ever intriguing and compelling Saint Leonard’s Horses to the roster. The deal was inked in the shadow of William Blake’s grave in London before decamping in one of the capital’s oldest city pubs to hatch a plan for the album.

In the past few years Leonard has toured the UK and USA supporting and playing shows with Ryan Adams,  Father John Misty, Bob Dylan,  The Strokes, Beck, The Libertines, Adam Green & Binki Shapiro, Peter Doherty, Billy Bragg and Wolfmother. To name a few. Then, early last year he was invited to work on music at Stanley Kubrick’s family estate in St Albans Hertfordshire.  The intention was to harness the creative forces at work at the Kubrick house and record new material as ‘live’ as possible with the 5 piece band playing together in the same room and even lead vocals being laid down ‘live’ with each track.

This live band then further honed their skills and the songs through extensive touring and festival appearances (including Glastonbury, Port Elliot, Standon Calling). Then the end of a busy 2015 Leonard left London for the USA only surfacing again in late December in the Mojave Desert, after a transcendental mystical experience. This marks the start of Saint Leonard, a culmination of two years work in search of a new recorded sound, citing the experience of the Kubrick estate and several bizarre episodes in the isolation of stays on the Yorkshire moors and the Californian desert as the grounds for this shift in artistic identity.

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