Saturday 21st of January 2023, 8 PM

Sam Amidon – The Unfinished Ballad Launch

Join us to celebrate the launch of The Unfinished Ballad with Sam Amidon and friends!

In the winter of 20/21 Sam Amidon and David Mitchell started a conversation, by email, about Amidon’s work. The original intention was to produce a magazine piece to celebrate the release of Amidon’s latest album. But as the winter wore on, the emails continued, evolving as conversation outgrew its initial aims.

From where Lennon and McCartney discovered the b7 chord, to how the best advice Amidon ever received involved one thing only: an egg timer, this short book teases out a lifetime of wit and wisdom on process and practice, shared with warmth between two fellow travellers.

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Friday 21st of June 2024, 9pm

Tropical Yard

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Friday 21st of June 2024, 9pm


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Sunday 23rd of June 2024, 7.30 PM

I Am i-D

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