Sunday 21st of October 2018, 7 PM

Sieben + Kate Arnold + Andy Whitehouse

Composer, vocalist and violinist Sieben aka Matt Howden’s one-man show comes back to London for an exclusive set, this time at the prestigious and intimate venue The Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston.
One voice, one violin, one simple loop-pedal. The songs are made live, layer upon layer of looped violin, beaten, plucked, bowed and thrashed! Matt has produced studio albums for various artists including The Mystery School and Jo Quail; done string arrangements for artists such as The Walkabouts, Faith and the Muse, and L’Ame Immortelle; remixes for Emilie Autumn, Dope Stars and many more; music for film, television, dance companies, and art exhibitions; over 1,000 live appearances.
He will presenting tracks from his new acclaimed album ‘Crumbs’.

Live, Sieben is a one-man rawchestra, looping a layering a heady mix of sounds. Always hypnotic. Previously much more floaty, but all that’s changing. More recently, its all got a bit turbo-charged. “Matt Howden has had enough; somebody’s punk roots are showing on

“‘Crumbs’ as these songs get right to the point and then move on” – (Peter Marks, Santa Sangre magazine)


Originally a classically trained violinist and vocalist, Kate Arnold also took up the hammered dulcimer in 1997. She performs both as a solo artist and with her ‘punk baroque’ project Fear of the Forest, combining live looping and electronic effects with folk, medieval/Renaissance and Middle Eastern influences. Kate has also worked with Lisa Knapp, Doudou Cissoko, Rose McDowall and Daemonia Nymphe, as well as having been a member of alternative rock bands Sergeant Buzfuz, and Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences.


Andy Whitehouse is recognised as a talented songwriter with a predilection for story and illuminating metaphor. Having fronted a series of much loved Sheffield bands including the Glorious, Honey Barbara and The Silver Darlings, he launched his first solo album, Almost Home in February 2017.

He has performed from Edinburgh to Brighton including providing support sets for Martin Stephenson, Mick Thomas, Curtis Eller and many more. He has performed on stage with Chris Wood and been likened to Nick Cave, Jacques Brel and Leonard Cohen due to the intensity of his performance and the romantic poetry of his songs, which are performed to a backdrop of “ethereal and atmospheric” (Rock ‘n’ Reel) guitar.

“A landlocked visionary yearning for the margins. Great stuff” – Chris Wood

“A voice that swoops and soars…music to make you feel better” – Americana UK


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