Thursday 5th of May 2016, 7.30 PM

Sister Wanzala

Brothers Patrick, Mark & Chris Wanzala-Ryan make Cold Funk.

Cold funk is the sound of Steely Dan, had they grown up on the grey streets of Bradford in the 90’s or if Joy Division had started jamming with Parliament. In their formative years, in the age before the iPad, their father sedated them with a battered old VHS copy of Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder concert. Barely out of nappies they would dance on the sofa; allowing the astral guitars, writhing basslines and dark, foreboding lyrics to seep into their subconscious.

Owing to a healthy sibling rivalry, they spent the following years playing in rival bands. Fast forward to late 2014 and all three brothers headed South, for the capital where Sister Wanzala were conceived…and cold funk was born.

Their debut EP “Bodies on the Loose” is available to stream online. On the 5th of May the band will be playing the Servant Jazz Quarters to celebrate the release of a limited edition 12” vinyl.

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