Friday 29th of October 2021, 6 PM

Radio alHara Party with Felonius Funk + Ex-Friendly + King Knut

We return once again to SJQ for our second London alHara Party with a super special guest all the way from Brooklyn – Felonious Funk! Like King Knut and Ex-Friendly, Felonious has been a Radio Alhara resident from the very beginning and is a station favourite with her good vibes and mixed bag of everything funky. Following recent gigs in Mexico and Amman (with Habibi Funk) and a couple WWFM shows under her belt, this is going to be her LDN debut so let’s make it one to remember. Come through Alhara family and friends!

Price: Free
Thursday 29th of September 2022, 7.30 PM

10A Sessions with Malphino & El Tomo

Price: £12 or £6 for Hackney residents Buy tickets
Friday 30th of September 2022, 9 PM

Rhythm Reverb Echo with Chris Menist & Hugo Mendez

Price: Free
Saturday 1st of October 2022, 8 PM

Love + Light

Price: Free

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