Monday 22nd of May 2017, 7.30 PM

Snapped Ankles + Clementine March + Milos Unplugged

Home made ‘Log’ Synths and the dark wooded influence of post punk, along with a core set of rock solid rhythm infused with raw guitar, provide a basis for Snapped Ankles unique energy of sound.

Snapped Ankles blur mediums and boundaries, of performance art, film, and sound, drawing upon references that inspire the underlying dark-surreal-wit of their work. References such as Kathy Bates’ character Annie Wilkes from the 1994 American Thriller ‘Misery’ (who inspired their name) and the 19th Century naive-art construction Palais Ideal by Ferdinand Cheval. Their performances are a phantasmagorical spectacle; the Snaps appear draped from head to toe in unruly shamanistic camouflage suits, a visual emblem to their otherworldly presence. They have performed in Hairdressing Salons, Skate Parks and Grain Silos.

At some performances the band surround their audience whilst playing their percussive “Synth Logs” to create a minimal homemade techno that has best been described as “agricultural Kraftwerk”.


Born in France, and musically trained in Brazil, Londoner Clémentine March writes songs and instrumentals that cross language and genre borders, mashing french and brazilian influences with her experiences playing with, to name a few excellent co-consipirators, Snapped Ankles, Julien Gasc, Mega Bog, Pollyanna Valentine, and her previous band Water Babies. Her debut EP, ‘Les Etoiles à Ma Porte’, beckons later in the year, produced by none other than the adroit talents of Syd Kemp, an EP that sings exquisite songs of time travel, imaginary landscapes and real relationships.


Milos Unplugged plays humanist folk from all over the world and is based in Bordeaux, France.

Humanist folk music drawing influence from oriental, African, Latin American music genres,
but also from Chris Coen and Little Wings” – Longueurs d’ondes

A sonic chameleon, huddled against a woody guitar with silky strings, set out on a journey to
discover Milos’s shimmering musical universe” – Glob Audio Mastering

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