Sunday 5th of June 2016, 7 PM

Sound of Songs with Stephen Hodd + William Poyer + Gitta de Ridder

Sound of Songs’ is about beauty, warmth, words and melody and about allowing the space for the audience and the artist to connect more directly in an intimate and acoustic setting. Attending a SoS night is an experience not to miss if you love songs that tell a story, and voices that will inspire thought and feeling.

William Poyer is a singer/songwriter with a genuine attention to the craft. William left his native UK in 2013 on a journey of discovery, looking to hone a sound that was unique to him. Two years of living in Mexico helped him find the the sound he was searching for and during this period he developed the stunning collection of songs that would go on to become his debut album.The influence of William’s time in Mexico is clearly heard in his songs, debut album ‘Born Lucky’ conjuring up an atmosphere for the listener that is part-intimate, part-escapist & all-engrossing. The sound of Americana from a boy from Wales via Mexico.


Stephen Hodd is a Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist who currently lives in East London. He moved to London from the South-West coast of Ireland 10 years ago where he released two albums and went on to open shows for the likes of Mark Knopfler, Paul Brady, Bonnie Raitt, Damien Rice, Rodrigo y Gabriella and many more artists.

After relocation to London he found himself on the road as guitarist for Lamb singer Lou Rhodes in her Alternative folk orientated mercury prize nominated side-project before going on to tour the world as a guitarist with Passenger.

Stephen’s music can be described as alternative/folk in the way that it places poetic words upon intricate finger picked parts amid a flurry of innovative live looping and evolving textures. He is currently working in a cottage studio in Suffolk and is soon to release a body of work which encapsulates the intimacy and experimentation of his live shows.


Dutch-English singer and songwriter Gitta de Ridder draws the listener into a world full of atmosphere and feeling. Feelings of joy, sadness and wonder. Stories, thoughts, dreams, hopes, and all that lies between wrapped up in a blanket of indie folk acoustic guitar sounds and beautiful melodies.

Her remarkable voice is given the space and attention it deserves. She really is a wonderful singer.” – Alex Gallacher ‘Folk Radio UK’ on the ‘Come Find Me’ EP

Gitta De Ridder’s talent lies in creating moody, atmospheric melodies that could be dark, candlelit spaces but then lighting them up with her voice which is full of hope and quiet determination.” – Roland Monger ‘Listen With Monger’

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