Sunday 4th of September 2016, 7 PM

Sound of Songs

‘Sound of Songs’ is about beauty, warmth, words and melody and about allowing the space for the audience and the artist to connect more directly in an intimate and acoustic setting. Attending a SoS night is an experience not to miss if you love songs that tell a story, and voices that will inspire thought and feeling.

Harry Harris is a singer songwriter signed to Wild Sound Recordings whose last album Songs About Other People was selected as folk album of the year by The Telegraph in 2015. Harry is a born storyteller whose live shows have the potential to do anything from laughing giddily to praying the bar is open for one more drink.


I’m Ny Oh: I want to see unity, i want to see change. So i’ll be unity, and i’ll be change. Look at this incredible planet we’ve all been dropped onto, let’s make this reality the most incredible and divine experience possible. What do i love? I love sharing, i love connecting, i love looking into someones eyes and knowing that we both know how special we are, but we also know we are the same, all one. I also love the sun, it’s nice. So like the fearless, slightly mad Kiwi i am, i’m going to stick my thumb out with some brothers, and we’re going to pop round to yours for some tea, and tell you we love you.


Dutch-English singer and songwriter Gitta de Ridder draws the listener into a world full of atmosphere and feeling. Feelings of joy, sadness and wonder. Stories, thoughts, dreams, hopes, and all that lies between wrapped up in a blanket of indie folk acoustic guitar sounds and beautiful melodies.

Her remarkable voice is given the space and attention it deserves. She really is a wonderful singer.” – Alex Gallacher ‘Folk Radio UK’ on the ‘Come Find Me’ EP

Gitta De Ridder’s talent lies in creating moody, atmospheric melodies that could be dark, candlelit spaces but then lighting them up with her voice which is full of hope and quiet determination.” – Roland Monger ‘Listen With Monger’

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