Sunday 7th of May 2017, 7.30 PM


STERGIN are celebrating the release of their EP Caramel Tony in Her Pleasuredome with this concert at one of London’s coolest little venues, the Servant Jazz Quarters.

BBC6 Music’s Tom Robinson: says: “A record that you just couldn’t have heard five years ago. It’s completely in the now, in the moment, trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible and what can be done.“

Creating is Vinzenz Stergin’s passion. For this multi-talented composer/producer, the act of making music is its own reward. Vinzenz and versatile drummer Adam Betts (known for his work with electronic maverick Squarepusher & Three Trapped Tigers) are Naim Records’ latest signing, Stergin – a band who combine pop, rock, electronics and modern composition in a way that defies musical boundaries and gleefully breaks rules.

Expect distorted clarinets, synth basses, vocals, guitar, field recordings turned into beats and electronic noises alongside wild, creative drumming. To hear them live is to catch onto something special indeed – something that’s evolving every concert.

The amazing guys from Chaos Theory will be DJing before and after the concert.

“Like most of the great modern music, Austrian Vinzenz Stergin‘s compositions defy genre brackets, combining elements of electronics, blues, classical and rock music. Think whimsical pop in the vein of Anna Meredith. It was easily the most fun performance of MENT 2017” – (God Is In The TV)

This concert is sponsored by The Austrian Cultural Forum.

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