Monday 29th of November 2021, 7.30 PM

The Statue Thieves

Psych-rock band The Statue Thieves launch their new EP ‘ Where Did the Sun Go?’ in their only London show of the year.

The EP has been recorded with the band performing live during one weekend at the Otterhead Studios and is the band’s most personal release so far. It comprises five new songs, which utilise the five elements of life as symbols to narrate a journey of self-discovery. Through a string of metaphors and free-stream-of-thought lyricism, lead singer Craig’s soft vocals guide the listener in an exploration of dreams and existential topics – questioning the purpose of life, and celebrating the beauty of our surroundings and the fire burning within us.

The band, formed in 2012, combines a mixture of noise, soul, garage and psychedelic rock. Their previous releases have achieved international radio play, and were featured in press outlets like Classic Rock Magazine. The band has also toured extensively in the UK and Europe, including Italy and Spain, and has been invited to the Phe Festival in Canary Islands. The last album, Laniakea, which was recorded on tape and released on vinyl, has been selected for the The British Library Sound Archive as a part of the nation’s audio and cultural heritage.

Support comes from Doops.

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