Sunday 23rd of October 2016, 7 PM

Tolerance Manouvre + Kate Arnold + SERAC

Restrained beauty from Tolerance Manoeuvre. They play sparse  and mesmerising songs, arranged simply with electric guitar, cello  and trumpet, that remind us of Low, or  Lower Case Noises with vocals.  The music is emotional and intense, and makes you want to take a bottle of red wine,  drive to a cliff top and listen.  Their album “In Memory” was released on  Flashback Records last year and is essential listening.


A solo performance from the Fear of the Forest frontwoman. Kate Arnold is unique, blending haunting vocals with dulcimer and violin. Her dark folk mixes influences that throw out the rulebook and are as  geographically varied as you can get. This is music that is both scary and beautiful, and this performance will be unmissable.

Introspective singer/songwriter Mark Saunders brings his voice and guitar to start the evening. This is alt-folk with beautiful melodies, both downbeat and uplifting. Get his excellent album “Songs for the Broken Hearted” and prepare to be moved.

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Friday 2nd of December 2022, 8 PM

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Tuesday 6th of December 2022, 7.30 PM

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Friday 9th of December 2022, 7.30 PM

Arab X Latin Club Night

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