Sunday 16th of October 2016, 7 PM

Two Legs ‘Vemod’ EP Launch

Two Legs is releasing his second release that will be released on his label Limbs which is releasing the EP on release date October 17th 2016. In order to celebrate the ‘putting on sale’ of these four songs, Two Legs has decided to put on a bit of a party with some of his friends and family, and he would love you to join.

Alongside Two Legs, will be serial charmers Rainbow Shark, bringing their unique mixture of guitar, bass, vocals AND keyboards to the stage, for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

Joining Two Legs and Rainbow Shark, will be another musician or musical group who should also be really quite good. For the moment, they will be called ‘Guests tbc’.

Tickets are a healthy price of five pounds, which is the same price as a London pint and also just ONE note’s worth of your money! Yes, just ONE! Tickets will be six pounds on the door, which is WAY more expensive. So, why not commit, buy in advance and spend your one pound winnings on a treat for yourself: maybe even a bottle of fizzy pop to get you through the day, or a filter coffee from Pret? It really is up to you!

Price: £5 ADV/£6 OTD Buy tickets
Thursday 23rd of May 2024, 7.30 PM

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Kingsland records

Price: Free

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